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With 340,000 searches on ABTAnet in 2000, and site activity growing 90-95% year on year, consumers appear to recognise the value of ABTA membership in choosing their online travel company.
ABTAnet's Banner Advertising facility started in July 1998. Thirty six ABTA member companies are currently participating.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please read this page and the FAQ. If you have further questions, please call ABTECH on 01747-821490 or email

Offers Advertising is now available free of charge until further notice for existing site advertisers only.



ABTAnet Home Page

Overview : 

All banners 'click-through' to the members website.

Keyword based banner advertising. Advertisers register a keyword with ABTAnet. This is compared with search terms used by consumers, and if there is a match (i.e. one string contains the other), the appropriate banner is displayed at the head of the listing of members returned to the consumer.

ABTAnet keeps track of the number of times the banner is displayed ("number of impressions"). 

Cost: £50 per keyword one-time set up fee (£25 for city/resort keywords). £50 CPM (per 1000 impressions or banner displays). 

Advertisers taking a keyword on this basis are guaranteed first refusal on that keyword in subsequent advertising programmes.

Good for:

  • companies specialising in a given destination  (country/ area/ city/ resort) or activity/ interest, capable of delivering expert advice in that domain, and wishing to secure primary position on ABTAnet as it grows

Home Page banner advertising. Advertisers banners are displayed on the ABTAnet Home Page. Each Home Page delivered carries one banner, chosen at random from the advertisers taking this option.

Banner exposure is high-profile, but untargeted (contrast with keyword advertising above). 

Cost: £50 one-time set up fee, then nominally £50 CPM (per 1000 impressions or banner displays).  Until further notice: ceiling of 900 chargeable impressions per month equating to £45 p.m.

Good for:

  • companies with a broad range of product; late availability specialists; flight only companies; companies seeking to build brand awareness

Offers advertising. Advertisers upload information to ABTAnet under password control. A summary is provided to consumers who click on the 'Offers' button on the ABTA home page.

Cost: Until further notice offers advertising is free of charge to existing advertisers (for up to 6 concurrent offers).