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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can non-members advertise to consumers on ABTAnet?

A: No - not at present. The key objective of the ABTAnet site is to promote the online business interests of the 2300 ABTA members and to facilitate the process of developing on-line consumer relationships for these companies. 

ABTA Travel Industry Partners are featured automatically in the Members Area of ABTAnet. TIPs may also place advertising banners in this area, and make use of the TIP Announcements Service. 

Q: I'm interested in a particular advertising keyword but it is already taken. Is that the end of the matter?

A: No. You can ask for the Secondary position for the keyword. This gives you banner advertising space at the foot of the listing and on second and subsequent listings pages. It also gives you first right of refusal on the Primary position should the main advertiser drop the keyword. There is no registration charge and banner displays are charged at half-rate.

If the Secondary position is also taken, smaller banners (Tertiary) are available near the top of the listing. Again there is no registration charge, and banner displays are charged at one-quarter rate.

Q: We offer flights and holidays worldwide. It doesn't seem appropriate to register a particular keyword because we have no specialisation as such - we just provide excellent service. Does advertising on ABTAnet make sense for us?

A: Maybe not. It can be quite difficult for generalists to differentiate themselves online from the many thousands of other travel companies in what is now a global marketplace. In July 1999 we started offering Home Page advertising on ABTAnet. This has the advantage of a much higher profile on the site but is not targeted by keyword. It seems to work well for flight only companies, telesales operations and companies particularly looking to build their online brand.

Q: What management information is available to advertisers?

A: We track all activity on the site. We know how many times the banner is displayed, what consumers are searching on and click through rates for banners. This information is summarised in monthly bulletins and is available to advertisers in more detail.

Q: What click through rates are being achieved on banners?

A: ABTAnet's site average is about 3.5% (compared with an Internet average of 0.5%). Some advertisers are regularly exceeding 5%. Our banner management scripts detect multiple clicks from the same (impatient) user and exclude these from the stats. This is not always the case with banner ad management packages.

Q: What format must the banner be in?

A: Primary and Secondary positions carry 468 by 60 banners. We prefer it if they are 15k or less in size but we allow more for animated banners. But we have noticed that in general the larger the banner the lower the click through rate. Tertiary (min-banners) are 120 by 20.

Q: Does ABTAnet provide/ design banners?

A: ABTAnet provides a temporary banner service. We can create a banner for you from material on your website. If this is replaced by your own purpose designed banner within six weeks there is no charge for this service. Otherwise we charge £60. We offer this service as a way of getting an advertising presence up and running quickly.

Q: What are payment terms?

A: Either invoice/ 14 days or payment by VISA/ Mastercard. The latter qualifies for a 10% impressions bonus (i.e. 1100 for the price of 1000). Invoices must be paid within 14 days to guarantee continuity of advertising and ownership of the keyword if appropriate.



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All costs quoted are exclusive of VAT which is applied at 17.5%. Call ABTECH on 01747-821490 for more information or email abtech@hyp.

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