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Effective banner advertising on ABTAnet
Information updated September 2004
Author: Graham Barnes 


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With around 600,000 searches on ABTAnet in 2003,  consumers appear to recognise the value of ABTA membership when making online travel arrangements, and are using the abta.com site to find appropriate travel companies and look for offers. 

Keyword based banner advertising. 

You register an advertising keyword with ABTAnet. This is compared with search terms used by consumers, and if there is a match (i.e. one string contains the other), your banner is displayed at the head of the listing of members returned to the consumer. 

ABTAnet keeps track of the number of times the banner is displayed ("number of impressions") 
and costs are based on this count.  

Good for: 
companies specialising in a given destination (country/ area/ city/ resort) or activity/ interest, capable of delivering expert advice in that domain, and wishing to secure primary brand position on ABTAnet as it grows 

Home Page banner advertising. 

Advertisers banners are displayed on the ABTAnet Home Page. Each Home Page delivered carries one banner, chosen at random from the advertisers taking this option. 

Banner exposure is high-profile, but untargeted (contrast with keyword advertising above). 

Good for: 
companies with a broad range of product; late availability specialists; flight only companies; companies seeking to build brand awareness; online retailers

ABTAnet Banner Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can non-members advertise to consumers on ABTAnet?
A: ABTA Travel Industry Partners can; others can not. The key objective of the ABTAnet site is to promote the online business interests of the  ABTA membership and to facilitate the process of developing on-line consumer relationships for these companies. 

Q: I'm interested in a particular advertising keyword but it is already taken. Is that the end of the matter?
A: No. Ask for the Secondary position for the keyword. This gives you banner advertising space at the foot of the listing and on second and subsequent listings pages. It also gives you first right of refusal on the Primary position should the main advertiser drop the keyword. 

If the Secondary position is also taken, smaller banners (Tertiary) are available near the top of the listing. 

Q: What management information is available to advertisers?
A: We track all activity on the site. We know how many times the banner is displayed, what consumers are searching on and click through rates for banners. This information is available to advertisers online.

Q: What format must the banner be in?
A: Primary and Secondary positions carry 468 by 60 banners. We prefer it if they are 15k or less in size but we allow more for animated banners. But we have noticed that in general the larger the banner the lower the click through rate. Tertiary (min-banners) are 120 by 20.

Q: Does ABTAnet provide/ design banners?
A: ABTAnet provides a temporary banner service. We can create a banner for you from material on your website. If this is replaced by your own purpose designed banner within six weeks there is no charge for this service. Otherwise we charge £60. We offer this service as a way of getting an advertising presence up and running quickly.